Browser: show how many cards I suspended today

is there a way to know how many cards I have suspended in the last x days?

I tried using “suspended:1” kind of like you can search for “added:1”, or “rated:1”, but that did not work
I also tried checking deck’s statystics to no avail

I think there is no direct way to achieve that, but you can use “edited:1” to search for notes added/modified today, which should include the cards you suspended.

UPDATE: After referring to Anki’s code, I’m not entirely sure this will actually work.
It seems suspending cards changes the card modification time, while the “edited” search only checks the note modification time, as the manual implies.

@dae, if I’ve not missed something, what do you think about introducing a search term that corresponds to the Card Modified browser column?

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@dae this is one of the most common questions I get. People are always wanting to know how many cards suspended or unsuspended on a given day

Toggle suspend a card. And click Today-> Edited. The card will not show.

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Anki doesn’t log suspensions, it only knows that the card has changed. Wanting a count of (un)suspensions is not something I expected - could you help me understand the use case?

For medical students, they have a massive deck of 30,000 flashcards. Typically they will plan out how many cards they need to unsuspend each week (i.e. ~500 cards). It isn’t possible to do an equal amount of cards every day due to the schedule (i.e. M, T are very open, but W, Th has a ton of classes, etc) so unsuspending the same amount on a weekly basis makes more sense. I started an add-on using the revlog to count how many new cards were done today and this week, but it doesn’t work perfectly. Perhaps that is a better angle to address this issue?


Yeah, it sounds like a count of newly studied cards would make more sense. I’ve added add a firstreview:x search that matches cards introduced for the first time in x days? · Issue #1093 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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in my case, I would like such a function because I’m trying to slim down my deck a little bit, partly because it contains many not anymore necessary/old and badly designed cards, thus I suspend many during each review and I would like to keep track of them

mostly, to draw inferences and to set objectives and check them more easily (e.g. “I want to suspend at least x cards during each review/week/month”). Also, to be able to view which cards I suspended in a given period so to edit/organize/unsuspend them, or to quickly find a card or note I just accidentally suspended (ctrl+z works, but not always) etc.

Please, include the number of suspended cards in the today stats page.

My usecase:

As a goal, I have a minimal number of cards that I want to see each day. I usually do more than that, but this is a goal that I know I can accomplish no matter what is happening in my life. For me, having this goal is important to help me build the habit of using Anki.
But, I also want to count the cards that I suspend, because I use premade decks, so, sometimes, I need to suspend a lot of cards each day (I suspend for multiple reasons, and my system is even better now that we have new flags. Thanks for including new flags!). And the proportion of suspended cards vary a lot depending on the deck, the amount of reviews that I had that day, etc. So, if I don’t count the suspended cards, it is impossible to keep a stable metric. For example, this week, I was 10 cards short of my goal, but I got dozens of cards that I had to suspend, so I just gave up (for the first time in weeks) being 5 cards short.

TL;DR: if the user uses premade decks, it’s too difficult to have goals without counting suspended cards.