Anki suspended cards not showing

Hi! On my Anking decks, it says that I do not have any cards due even though I suspended some last night. Normally I have over 200 cards from my Anking decks that I have to do daily and so I am really surprised as to why this is the case. Under the Browse section, I saw that all of the cards I selected to be unsuspended are still shown as unsuspended but for some reason, it says that I have completed all my Anking cards. There are no cards in the Anking Deck showing up at all. But this is only an issue for my Anking Deck as my other decks are working well. I went to manage and set the same settings for all of the subdecks in the Anking Deck but am still experiencing problems. (I attached a picture of my Anki). Any help would be appreciated!

I recommend you check what date the cards that you unsuspended are scheduled for.

  1. Go to “Browse”.
  2. Find the cards you’ve unsuspended.
  3. Right-click on one of them.
  4. Select “Info”.

“Due” says the next time the card will be available for review again.

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