Unsuspended cards not showing up under new cards

Unsuspended cards are not showing up under new cards. It’s stuck at 72 new cards even though I keep unsuspending other cards. max reviews is 9999 so that’s not the issue and I also applied the settings to all subdecks and that didn’t fix the problem, Thank you!

Perhaps the new card/day limit has been reached.

My new card limit per day is set at 9999 so i dont think that’s it… but thank you!

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Besides being suspended, cards might also get buried (which is roughly being suspended until tomorrow). One cause of cards being buried is the deck option “Bury siblings”, which makes Anki bury cards that are related to other cards that are also planned for today (“sibling” cards are cards generated by a common cloze-deletion note).
This can be disabled in the deck options.

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