Not showing unsuspended cards. Please help!


I have an anki deck that I usually unsuspend UWORLD incorrects into. I synced with my iPad and ever since, it is no longer showing me new cards. Something seems to have changed in my settings. I increased my new cards to 9999 and still nothing. I also went into options and hit ‘Save all to subdecks’ as I read this could help in another post but nothing.

As a quick fix, I went into the deck and hit custom study and increased new cards that way and it is showing them but doing this also increased my reviews way beyond what I want.

This problem is only affecting this deck. Please help!

Did you recently upgrade your Anki version?

One reason for not showing new cards is because you might have a backlog of overdue cards for review.

In the browse window, you can select Today / Overdue to see if you have any overdue cards.

You can force new cards to appear despite any backlog by turning on the following in the deck options: Daily Limits / New cards ignore review limit.

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That worked, thank you so much!!

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