Help before i rip all my hair out in fustration

So I’m having trouble with Anki big time, every time I try to “unsuspend” a card to do, it doesn’t show up on the deck??? I’m literally about to cry out of frustration, I’ve searched the internet up with no answers to help.

ive also uploaded a

pictures alongside this, one of showing my unsuspending cards that I’m trying to do, the other how it shows NOTHING on my deck, those cards don’t show up?? neither does any other card I try to unsuspend,

Look at the due counts. The lower the number the sooner the card will be shown. You will need to set the recently unsuspended cards to the start of the new queue. In the browser view, select the cards you want, toggle suspend and cards->reposition.


yup your right, my friend texted me back (very late) and told me the same thing you said but sadly before I got so frustrated I ended up deleting the app… I shall be re downloading it again

Thank you so much for replying I really appreciate it

Your are welcome. As you can see, forum posts here are usually ansered within 24h in case there is a next time you get stuck or frustraded.