How do I unsuspend cards

Hello, I hope I selected the correct category.
I am using Anki to learn Russian and saw when I went to the Browse section that I have a ton of suspended cards; I researched and understand these cards were ones that I had trouble with. I need to review these cards way more than the others that aren’t suspended because I had issues with each of them.
My question is if I right click on the card in Browse and “toggle suspend” will that re-install the card back into my deck? Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.

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Yes, right-clicking and clicking “Toggle suspend” will put them back in the review queue.
They are put there, because Anki figures you should actually edit them, to make them easier, or more intuitive, or change the wording.
You can change this behavior by going into the deck options and going to “Lapses”.


Thank you for the support and information. This is a hard lesson to learn as I had accumulated a ton of suspended cards that I have just toggle suspend back into my deck so I have an extra 600 words for tomorrow :flushed: however, I need them all and these were ones that I couldn’t instantly recall so gotta put in the work for the benefit. Thank you again for your response, have a great day and stay healthy.