HELP! Why aren't new, learn, or due cards showing up?

I’ve set up my anki and none of the new, learn, or due cards showing up. However, they are showing up in the current deck. No cards are buried either.

When I click to start a deck it shows this

All of the cards in your first screenshot are suspended. Do you have any un-suspended cards?

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No, should I un-suspend them all?

Unsuspend the ones you have already seen/studied

If you want an up-to-date MCAT deck, see AnKing MCAT Deck Wiki - Wiki - AnkiHub Community

That deck probably comes with a guide recommending how you use it – but the usual approach is more like “unsuspend what you are ready to study.” I can’t really offer you recommendations for how to use a particular MCAT deck.

My only point was – in answer to your question – you’re not going to get any cards to study if they are all suspended.