Filtered deck doesn't include new cards

I’m trying to create a filtered deck getting some new cards excluded when I click on “Show any excluded cards”.

According to the manual:

Filtered decks cannot pull in cards that are suspended, buried, or already in a different filtered deck. And if you are using the v1 scheduler, cards in (re)learning will not be included either. For this reason, a search in the browser may reveal cards that do not end up in the filtered deck.

The cards are not suspended.
The cards are not buried.
I have no other filtered decks.
I am on Anki v 2.1.49 so must be using v2.

What is going on here??

P.S. I also tried clicking the v3 scheduler beta checkbox and it still doesn’t work.

If you click “Show any excluded cards”, something like is:suspended OR is:buried OR deck:filtered is searched for. Any cards that show up must much one of these terms. Did you try to reduce the terms to identify which one it is?


Oh somehow they were buried. I have no idea how that happened!