Filtered Decks not showing all cards

I have a filtered deck which has the following settings:

tag:D13-sat1 tag:Z-SPN card:1 is:review

However, I find that it doesn’t collect all my cards, that have the tags D13-sat1 and Z-SPN.

Even if I delete the “is:review”, it still doesn’t collect them all.

In the Anki Manual it says the following:

Filtered decks can not pull in cards that are suspended, buried, or already in a different filtered deck. And unless you are using the experimental scheduler, they can not pull in cards that are in (re)learning. For this reason, a search in the browser may reveal cards that don’t end up in the filtered deck.

I know my cards are definitely not suspended, buried, or in a different filter deck. How can I check if my missing cards are in (re)learning?
The docs has the following section on identifying cards:

is:learn is:review
cards that have lapsed and are awaiting relearning

-is:learn is:review
review cards, not including lapsed cards

cards in learning

reviews (both due and not due) and lapsed cards

But I am not sure which one to use to check if my missing cards are in (re)learning. I think it would probably be is:learn is:review, but the docs say that is for cards that are awaiting relearning. So is that the same as (re)learning? The awaiting part confuses me.


Simply is:learn will show cards either in learning or relearning.