Filtered deck search vs browser search

I can’t seem to figure out how to get cards still at the learning stage but marked “again” to display in a filtered deck of cards I got wrong today.

Using rated:1:1 in the card browser displays all cards marked “again” today. This is the list of cards I’m interested in. Unfortunately creating a filtered deck using the same search term seems to return a shorter list limited to review stage cards that were marked “again” today.

I searched the forums but couldn’t find mention of anyone else reporting a similar issue.

Originally I’d thought this may have to something to do with the custom steps I’m using, but I’m now skeptical this is the case, as I’d expect the card browser to suffer the same issues.

Can anyone see what I’m missing here?

Filtered decks cannot pull in cards that are suspended, buried, or already in a different filtered deck. And if you are using the [v1 scheduler], cards in (re)learning will not be included either. For this reason, a search in the browser may reveal cards that do not end up in the filtered deck.

Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

In a way that’s true, because if you have configured interday learning steps, cards will be in learning for much longer than with the default learning steps.


Thanks so much. This makes alot more sense now.

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