Filtered deck is repeating cards

Summary: When I am reviewing cards using a filtered deck, some of the cards are shown twice even if I answer “good” every time for every card.

Details: I have a deck of cards that I have been using for normal study. I decided to review all of the cards in that deck without scheduling for a few days of intense study. My intention is to go through the whole deck each day, reviewing each card once. I have done this many times with an older version of Anki.

What is happening now is most cards are displayed once but some cards are displayed twice, even though I am giving the same answer on all of them: good. Here is how this looks. I have 20 cards in the filtered deck and begin to study it. The three numbers at the bottom show 0 + 0 + 20. The first card is one that does not repeat, and I click good. The three numbers now show 0 + 0 + 19. All is as expected. The second card is one that repeats. I answer good, just like the first card. The numbers at the bottom show 0 + 1 + 18. Why did it go to relearn when I answered good? It is then shown a second time. If I answer good again, it leaves the deck like I expected it to the first time. The numbers are then 0 + 0 + 18.

I did some investigating into what might stand out about these repeat cards. It turns out, they are of type relearn. The cards that do not repeat are of type review. I don’t know why this would cause my cards to behave differently in the filtered deck. Thanks for any help.

Filtered deck options
Reschedule: off
Delay for again: 90 seconds
Delay for hard: 0 seconds
Delay for good: 0 seconds
No second filter.

This happens whether delay for again is 90 seconds or 0 seconds, I have tried both.

Cards follow their own steps, even in a Filtered deck. Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

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