Same cards over and over?

Hi there! I used a filtered deck by tag and “due” to study cards relevant to my current subject, from my giant deck of all medical school cards. Sometimes the filtered deck will start showing me the same (hundreds) of cards over and over again, even if I’ve studied them the day before or even earlier the same day. For example, here is a card that I reviewed on 11/19 and then again on 11/20, even though the interval was several days. It’ll be the same (big) handful of cards over and over. It does not happen to every card in the filtered deck, but seems to apply to a chunk that I study on a particular day. For example, most of the cards I studied yesterday (11/19) are suddenly “due” again today (11/20). This particular filtered deck was working totally normally before yesterday/today. I’d be super grateful for a solution!

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What’s the exact search text of the filtered deck you’re using?

(is:due (tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#B&B::13_Infectious_Disease OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#FirstAid::03_Micro OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#Physeo::06_Micro OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#Physeo::09_Pharm::02_Antivirals OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#Physeo::09_Pharm::03_Antiparasitic_Drugs OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#Physeo::09_Pharm::04_Antifungals OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#Physeo::09_Pharm::05_Antibiotics OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#SketchyMicro OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#SketchyPharm::07_Antimicrobials OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#B&B::12_Immunology::02_Clinical::03_Immune_Deficiency_Syndromes OR tag:#AK_Step1_v8::#SketchyPath::11_Immunology::02_Immunodeficiency*)) deck:AnKing

Thanks for your reply!

That looks ok. Is it possible you forgot to sync at the start or end of a study session? If you create or rebuild a filtered deck with outstanding changes, the cards moved into/out of the filtered deck will be marked as modified, and could end up reverting the study state that was not yet synced.

So sync at the end of the session, and they shouldn’t return?

There’s a decent chance that will solve the issue, yes. Did you try it?