How to make filtered deck pull cards without unsuspending

Hi, I’m a medical student, and I’m trying to set up my anki so that I can review content. Currently, I have a few thousand cards in a deck, separated by tags for each module/body system. For each block, I have been unsuspending as I go. At the end of the block, I suspend the cards and move on to the next.

However, I want to be able to have daily due cards from my suspended blocks. What I have been doing is using a filtered deck to pull me about 50 cards from a section, but it doesn’t let me do that unless there are cards unsuspended from that tagged section. I don’t particularly like then because it is hard to work through my current block material, since the umbrella deck with everything in it now has material from all blocks mixed in.

Is there any way to have my filtered deck pull 50 cards randomly from a section from a deck without me having to unsuspend all those cards everytime? And also have those be separately due?

Filtered decks can’t include suspended cards. You would need to move the cards to a separate deck instead, which you could set a low/0 daily limit on.

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