Change scheduling in custom deck without resetting

One of my custom filtered decks randomly changed the scheduling so that all of the options say “end” (instead of again, hard, good, easy, etc- picture below). To change the intervals back to the previous settings, I will need to click ‘rebuild,’ but this has reset my custom decks in the past and I do not want to reset this deck. Is there any way to change the scheduling intervals in a custom deck on the Anki iOS mobile app without resetting the whole deck?

In your screenshot you have “Delay for Again”, “Delay for Hard”, “Delay for Good”. Change those to nonzero values.

What do you mean by rebuild “resetting” the deck?

Thanks for the quick reply! When I click rebuild after changing those values, will it reset the progress I’ve made so far on that custom deck? I’ve already gotten through ~1000 of those cards and don’t want them to come up as new cards again if that makes sense.

“Rebuild” just selects a new batch of cards to review, based on the search query.

Whenever you finish reviewing a filtered deck, the Rebuild button is how you get new cards (if any are available).

For example, if the previous review finished because you hit the limit of N cards that you set, then pressing Rebuild will get you a new set of up to N cards (there could be fewer, if the search query returns less than N cards).

Since this deck has rescheduling turned off – yes, rebuilding it stands the chance of pulling all those cards back in here, because nothing has changed about them since you pulled them in the first time.

If you want to work around that, go flag all of these cards currently in the deck with something (hopefully you have an open flag color), then rebuild the deck with that flag number Searching - Anki Manual as an extra criteria of your search. Once you flag them, test your newsearch in the Browse window first to make sure it behaves like you expect.

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Okay, sorry, I temporarily forgot that your filtered deck doesn’t reschedule the cards. Clicking Rebuild would probably pull up the same set of cards, and “reset” you back to square one in terms of reviewing them.


  • You could add -rated:1 to your search query string, to eliminate all the cards that you already reviewed today.
  • You could add -rated:2 to eliminate all the cards that you already reviewed today and yesterday. Similarly for everything since N days ago.
  • You could add -(rated:1:3 OR rated:1:4) to eliminate all the cards that you already reviewed today and rated either Good or Easy.
  • So if you started reviewing this non-rescheduling filtered deck N days ago, then you could use -(rated:N:3 OR rated:N:4) and just substitute the right number for N.

That way, even if you have to click Rebuild in order to change the “Delay for…” settings, you can still re-eliminate from consideration the cards you’ve already reviewed and eliminated earlier.

One problem, though: tomorrow you’d have to change N to N+1, assuming it takes you more than one day to finish up with this deck.

So, like Danika_Dakika suggested above, you might want to do the above search only once and then flag all the cards, say with a red flag (flag:1) or some other color, assuming that you have not already used that flag for some other purpose. Then you could just change your filtered deck search string to add flag:1 to the search string (or flag:N for N in 1 thru 7 for the seven different colored flags).

If the above paragraph isn’t clear in terms of how to execute the steps, I can try to explain it in more detail.

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