Frustrated don’t want filtered decks

I’m brand new to Anki. I know about decks and how to make cards. However I have several unfiltered decks now and I don’t want them. I want my cards to stay with the appropriate course. Can I move them? Also I want to review all my cards and not just the problem areas for exam review. I’m ready to delete everything and start over but damn that’ll be a ton of work I would rather not do. (It should also be noted I’m not overly computer literate!:confused:)

You can remove the filtered decks you created by swiping your finger to the left across them, which will return any cards they contain back to the original deck. If you wish to review cards outside of the regular schedule though, you will need to use a custom study or filtered deck: Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions

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