Unfilter a card from the filtered deck

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When I’m using Anki, I do a lot of filtered deck to filter card that a can see quickly to take more my time to re-learn card who I have some difficulty. But sometimes, even in this filtered deck I have difficulties with some card and I would like to take off, unfilter these card to see it with more time, not in this “Fast filtered card”.

How can I do that ?
Thanks in advance

The easiest thing to do would probably be burying that card, but you can also “unfilter” that particular card by including -sometextofmycard in the search criteria of the filtered deck, or by tagging that card and excluding that tag in the search field.

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So I try with tag or flag and the problem is, the filtered deck not filter in live, I have to rebuild the deck to see my card removed from the filtered deck…

Burying is the easiest option, but you should also be able to use the ‘change deck’ option to manually move the card out.

I find an addon who add button “Rebuild All” it’s good, but the things is, I have to go back to home page of anki to click on this button. Is it possible to add this button to the filtered deck directly beside the “Show answer” or adding an shortcut will be better ?

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