How to change a filtered deck into an independent deck

I want to make a permanent deck independent from the parent deck out of a temporary filtered deck composed of flagged cards. Is it possible? If so, how should I proceed?

Simplest thing I can think of is make a new tag for all those cards, then search for that tag in Browser, make a new deck, and then transfer those cards into the new deck


Thank you, blackace72, for such an unimaginably quick reply! I will give it a try. But I’m afraid that at this very moment, I have something else to do. If and when I succeed on your advice, I assure you I’ll post a message. Please keep you fingers crossed!

Dear blackace72,
I have a disappointing announcement. I followed your advice step by step, but I realized that I don’t know the timing to make a new deck, i.e. when should I make a new deck? More importantly, I don’t know how to “transfer those cards into the new deck.” I came across the following explanation in the Manual: Browsing ≫ Cards
Move currently selected cards to a different deck. Set Due Date Turn cards into review cards, and make them due on a certain date. This can be useful for moving. But I can’t make out what the second sentence means. Incidentally my Anki is ver. 2.1.28 (f44597bb) and I’m using a Japanese version.

Eureka! I have found a simple solution. First, export the filtered deck with flagged cards. Then make a new profile. Finally, import the exported file into the new profile. It’s as simple as that. The point is not to import the exported filtered deck into the same profile as the one where the filtered deck with flagged cards exist. It is essential to import the exported filtered deck into a newly created (empty) profile.

Actually, this seems overly complicated. I would follow @blackace72’s instructions. To change some cards of deck, you need to select them all (Ctrl-a) then right click and choose Change Deck if you’re in card mode, or Cards > Change Deck if you’re in note mode.


Dear BlackBeans,
Thanks for your followup on blackace72’ advice. Following your instructions, I realized that it is good to create a new deck before everything else. Otherwise, when I choose Change Deck, I have no destination deck into which I’m going to move the chosen (flagged, in my case) cards. This may sound as a matter of fact, but for me, who have never moved any cards from one deck to another, it is a great discovery. Another discovery is the fact that if you have flagged cards in different decks, the filtered deck picks up all flagged cards from all different decks. Interesting, isn’t it?

I see you are having fun discovering Anki’s features, but maybe reading the manual might help you getting familiar with these quickly enough.

Yes, I AM having fun discovering solutions to problems at hand. I consult the Manual first, of course, but, as is usual with manuals, it is often hard to find where to read to solve my current problems. This forum is a sine qua non for beginner users like me. I am happy and thankful that my original problem has been solved in only two days, accompanied with unexpected discoveries.