How to transfer cards to a different deck but still maintain those cards in the original deck?

Hi guys,

I’m studying for Step 2CK atm. I have a master deck of ~20k cards (matured >70%).

I’m creating a new deck of the most HY cards which I plan to use during my dedicated period. I’ll put ~4k cards into this deck. I’m going to begin gradually assembling this deck over the coming months.

How can I transfer specific cards from my master deck into this new deck, but still keep the same card in the master deck (ie. have the same card in 2 different decks)? I can’t find a way to do this. I’ve tried exporting my current deck, importing it again (so I can just delete the cards I don’t need) but it won’t let me import it. Would really appreciate your help on this

Thanks again!

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Have you tried filtered deck?

Thank you so much for the response.

This option doesn’t give me what I need. Once I’ve reviewed the filtered deck, the cards go straight back to their original deck.

I need to make a separate deck which contains ~4k cards from my master deck, but my master deck can’t lose any cards. Do you know how I can obtain this?

Thanks again

If you want to have cards with identical content but separate scheduling info and such in two different decks at the same time, you can clone the note type used for these cards then reimport your current deck, but this time using the new cloned note type.
See Anki Manual for details on adding new note types.

If you just want to organize your decks such that the master deck still contains all the cards moved to other decks but not really duplicate the cards, just drag the new decks under the master deck to make them subdecks.


Does your Search box contain AND "is:due"? it means this filtered deck only contain due cards. You have to remove it.