Anki decks with the same cards

I have multiple anki decks that have the same cards. One has the cards organized into three decks and has everything tagged, while the second deck has multiple subdecks and has basically rearranged the cards in the first deck. i want to switch to using the second deck but i can’t figure out how to switch the cards so that they only show up on the second deck and not the first deck. I dont want to erase my progress on the first deck but i don’t know how to switch the decks

I wasn’t sure how you used the same cards in several decks. When I move cards from a deck to a filter deck, the original deck would not allow me to review the cards, so that seems impossible.

I think the OP may be saying they have multiple cards with the same (or very similar) card content. If that’s the case, I’m afraid there’s no built-in feature to do what you want - I think you would need to either manually move the cards into the desired location, or commission someone to write an add-on for you that tries to do this.

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