Adding cards with browse

when i want to add cards to new deck. i click on browse the deck i want then select all then cards change deck. and click add it moves all teh cards but deletes the cards from old deck. how does one have say deck 1 deck 2 and a deck with deck one and 2.

If I understood correctly, you want the same cards in both decks?

I think he means he wants two cards from the same note in diffrent decks, so card 1 in deck 1 and card 2 in deck 2. My guess is that he is not filtering card types and he is moving all cards each time so all go in deck 1 or either deck 2.


yes i want the same cards in 2 decks well its like 17 decks and once deck with decks 1-5 and the rest in 6-17 but each deck deck 1 2 3 > 17 still as well. so decks 1-5 6-17 and all decks from source chapters.

If you want two cards of the same note to go to different decks when adding as guillempalausalva explained, see the manual.

when i add the card to the new deck the deck tehy came from has no cards

This could mean that the Deck override option is on.
Go to Tools > Manage Note Types, then select your note type and click Cards.... Then Options > Deck Override. Erase everything in the input box that show.

thank you for your help this is my first day using Anki. i have a study course that says to use Anki.
and i want to combine the first few decks into one larger deck but not remove the cards from teh first 3 decks. then go browse tehn select deck tehn change deck and click add. this removes all teh card from old deck to new deck i still want teh card in first deck to study but now they cant seem to be in 2 decks at same time.

when i try to re-import missing card they say notes found in file . notes skipped as they are already in collection

this means exactly what it says - the notes are already in your collection.

If you want to import them twice, select the option labeled Import even if existing note has same first field in the Import screen.


But I don’t know why would you want to import them again.

how to get to that screen? ^

In the menu, File then Import

im on windows ten 64 bit this is not the same popup i get it is just asking were to open no options just find file
and open

You have to choose a file to import from first, then the screen will show.

found out what i was doing wrong the new deck i was creating did not have any cards in it too start.
once i added just one card tehn when i moved new cards in to created deck with one card it did not delete teh first deck into combined deck. thank you for your time.

Your program wants you to use Anki – GREAT !
But it does not say “See if you can invent some perfect workflow” -:slight_smile:
You will accomplish much more by reading + trying the major options. And if you will need a specific help - ask here.
Good luck.