Importing duplicate cards, or duplicating a deck

I’m using v ⁨2.1.56 (07fd88dd)⁩.

I’d like to use a deck that I have built as the starting-place for another similar but not identical deck. I have tried to export the existing deck, in apkg and colpkg, and then import it into the new deck. This appears to delete the cards that were the basis of the export and import the ‘new’ ones in their stead, not … as I had hoped … import the identical cards into my new deck.

Is there some way of importing duplicate cards into a new, empty, deck?

Most of the time, duplicating a deck is neither necessary nor recommended, if you describe what you are trying to do, probably someone can help you achieve it in a better and easier way.

However, if for some reason you absolutely want to duplicate a deck, you can try this add-on or take a look here.


Thanks. Yes, I assumed as much because it was so not the thing that Anki does.
I’m using it for contract Bridge bidding and cardplay systems. Many of the questions, for example, between two systems will have the same stem and same or similar answers. By importing - if I could - I have the question set ready-made and most of the answers will require only a little tweaking. 4-cards may have a very different meaning to 5-cards, for example, but I’d only need to change one character rather than retype the entire response.

If you export as a csv file, there is an option when importing csv files to duplicate notes instead of updating the existing ones.

Thanks. I will try that.

Nope. I saw no specific csv export option, but chose the txt option. Trying to import it into my second deck came back with the same duplicate card problem.

Did you change the setting in the import screen to allow duplicates?

got it, yay. thank you. yes, the ‘duplicate’ option in the download window made the difference. Thank you all :slight_smile:

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