Having multiple copies of the same card


I love Anki. Absolute lifesaver, but sometimes it infuriates me for not allowing me to have multiple copies of the same cards in different decks. Especially when it is a deck of 3000+ cards and 300 just don’t get imported because of it.
“328 double cards were found and therfore not imported”
I cannot search all those 300 cards by hand and change their location, making the deck useless since i am missing “unknown” parts of it (and I don’t want to, because i need them in those decks seperately - doing the work would make the first deck useless). I do not understand why it forces me to only have 1 copy of each card in total.

Is there any way around this (normal option, addon etc)? I don’t want Anki to just not import parts of a new deck, just because the card already exists in another deck.

I only found 1 post from a year ago, with no solution. Hoping there is one now.

Thank you very much


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The text/csv import screen has an option to duplicate cards.

Anki is designed to track how well you remember cards, and it can’t do that as effectively if you have multiple copies of the same content. @abdo has recently contributed a new importing screen that will make it easier to locate the existing cards in your collection, and that should become available when the next beta version is released.

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