Important ! Import a deck

I’m trying to import a deck, but it has some cards that I already have in another deck. So Anki keeps “skipping” these cards and doesn’t add them again. But it is important for me to have them in the new deck. Is there a possibility to import the deck without skipping the ones I already have?

Thank you for your help!

This might be a bit unintuitive at first, but Anki only allows a card to be in one deck at a time. You can group cards from different decks together with tags and then create a filtered deck with “Custom Study”, however.

Here are two options to achieve that:

Option 1

If you got some way of filtering these cards out with a browser search query, you can select them and permanently move those cards to the new deck.

Option 2

Export the deck of yours which contains those cards currently (with scheduling data) and delete it within Anki.

Now you’ll be able to import the new deck and once you reimport the old deck you backed up, those cards will stay there for the same reason that made you write this thread.

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There should somehow be a button where you can choose to skip or not.
Anyway, thank you for your help! I think I’ll go with the second option. Thanks again!

I think so too :+1:

CrowdAnki, a popular add-on for sharing decks in JSON format, actually moves cards to the imported deck by default and makes Anki’s native behaviour optional with Do Not Move Existing Cards on Import.