Move imported duplicate cards

For context, both my friend and I have downloaded the AnKing deck. When going through lectures, I’ve been moving cards out into my own sorted decks for easier study.

If I export this deck to him, the cards will come up as duplicate and are ignored (or updated if I’ve made any changes).

Is there any way for him to import these duplicate cards in their own decks, or somehow move them?

I’ve tried experimenting with changing card type, adding special fields to cards, and importing as text file, all to no avail.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Couldn’t you tag them (which would mark the notes as updated)? That should ensure they import, and would allow your friend to find them.

I’ve tried this option. However, the cards seem to be skipped despite being the same note type, with no tags updated.

I’m not able to reproduce this - I export an apkg with the latest beta version making sure the legacy import/export code is not enabled in the preferences screen, and import it into a different profile. Then I add a tag, export and import into the other profile, and the note has been updated.

What is the unique identifier (and first column) of these cards?
Can you change that or add a different unique identifier?
That would stop the system thinking that the two cards were the same.

Hey all. Thanks for all the time and effort.

It seems the cards weren’t the exact same. The note type on his AnKing version was ClozeAnKingMaster, while mine was AnKingOverhaul. Changing all his cards to AnKingOverhaul has helped everything update successfully.

Apologies for the incorrect information, but thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

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