Errors when Importing A Deck with Duplicate Cards

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much in advance for your time and help! I have an anki deck, let’s call it “Deck 1”, in .apkg format with subdecks that I am trying to import. The problem is, when I tried to import it, lots of the cards were not imported because they were duplicates of cards I already had in other decks (error message: “notes skipped, as up to date cards already in your collection.”)

To get around this, I did lots of online research and tried the following:

  1. I made a second user profile and imported Deck 1 in .apkg format. This was successful as the entire deck was imported with associated subdecks in working order.
  2. I exported each subdeck within Deck 1 separately as “cards in plain text (.txt)” and saved it to my computer.
  3. I switched back to my original user profile and created an empty main deck with subdecks that matched those of Deck 1.
  4. I imported each .txt subdeck file into it’s respective empty subdeck as described in step 3, and preserved duplicates as part of the import settings.

By doing this, I was able to successfully import all of the cards from Deck 1 even though they were duplicates of other decks I have. I was also able to keep them in their proper subdeck.

HOWEVER, when I attempted to use the decks, every single card had this error message – “No cloze 1 found on card. Please either add a cloze deletion, or use the Empty Cards tool”.

When looking at the card details using the browse mode, I think the issue is that somewhere in this process, the clozes’ (which were previously something like {{cloze: the arm}}, etc.) have been replaced with “[…]”. Or maybe the issue is something else?

Please help!!! The only thing I am trying to do is import this deck while preserving it’s subdecks and keeping all duplicates and have the cards in working order. But I am running into errors! How do I get around this? TYSM! :slight_smile:

Please make sure that the notetype you had selecting when importing is the same one that the original cards were using - you can click on Cards… in the editor and check the title to see the notetype name.

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