I get this message , what to do

Notes that could not be imported as note type has changed

I get this message when I try to import , help anyone


Are you tryping to import AnKing deck for any chance? (based on your username).

My guess is that your are trying to import notes which you already have in your collection (they have the same ID) but you have a different note type for that note than in the deck you are importing. That scenario is very plausible for Anking deck (@AnKingMed).

If tha tis the case you will need to change the notetype to the current one before importing. Anking has tutorial videos on how to do this.

Hi thanks for reply , yes its a part anki and its part from my own , so if I take two minutes to understand

say a card A and B is there and I and try to import C and D , but since A and C , B and D have same ID number it wont because , anki realise that its the same card

In that case its actually good news

BUT if I really want to it then I have to change all my cards to either

ANKIMASTER card and then I can try to import , is this right understanding

you can do the following to generate different ID’s:

  1. create a new profile
  2. import the deck into the new profile
  3. export the deck you just imported as a text file
  4. go back to your original profile and import the text file (perhaps you will need to select to option to import even if the first field exists in your collection).
  5. you can delete the temporary profile.

thank you so much😄

Hi, I did this, but when I imported the text file, the anki deck cards are now text, not actual cards. How do I convert the text back to regular anki card? thank you

Thank you for your help. Do you have the link to the Anking video?
I would like to ask you so I cannot use the Light year and Anking at the same time?