Import only adding 1 card type

I’ve used import previously (~1800 cards in deck) but now it’s stopped working as it used to. Its’s only adding 1 card type instead of all 3. I’m only getting the “Comprehension Card”.

My Import screen looks like this.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. I tried adding cards manually and it’s doing the same thing; adding only the “comprehension” card type.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

When you import a text file, all you doing is adding notes, i.e. their fields.
If this doesn’t generate cards for all the note type’s templates, it’s probably because the cards would have empty front sides. Now, there could be two causes for this:

  1. The templates don’t contain the correct field names. For example: Make sure your card template Production contains something like {{Translation}} on the front side.
  2. The fields referenced on the template are empty. So, to pick up the example from above, select an imported note in the browser and check whether there’s text in the Translation field.

Thank-you for trying to help Rumo. It’s much appreciated.

I’m still having problems. I tried adding the missing fields to the text file I am trying to import. (I never had to do this on any of my previous imports) This did generate the missing card types but only if I ask it to overwrite existing cards, even though the cards don’t exist. It then marks every card as a duplicate, even though there is only one of that card in the database. It seems something is corrupt. Perhaps I need to reload the ANKI program? I have run the “check database” tool several times. It says “database rebuilt and optimized”. I’m running Version 2.1.35 (84dcaa86)

It’s really important to understand the difference between cards and notes. Please read this.
If the file you have imported the first time was incomplete, you can choose Update existing notes or just delete the incomplete notes before importing again.
There is no reason to reinstall Anki. If you have accidentally created duplicates you will want to delete them. It’s helpful from Anki to point them out.

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