Adding cards to an existing deck

So I use Anki basically for language learning.

I have an existing deck with existing data and 3 card types. So for example if I am learning French, each piece of information is seen through the 3 types of cards:

  1. English to French
  2. French to English
  3. English to French where I type in the answer.

When I initially set up the deck by importing a csv file, I created these card types. So far all good, as all cards were updated with the new card type.

Now when I want to import another csv file into the existing deck, it only allows one card type. The data does not automatically update for all three card types like it did when I initially set up the deck.

How to I ensure that my subsequent imports into an existing deck is on all the card types?

Do you try to import your CSV file into the correct note type or some basic note type that does not generate the cards you need? (Please read about notes and cards here: Getting Started - Anki Manual)

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