How to import cards into a different note type?

I love the possibility of this program but the interface is way confusing.
I finally figured out how to create a note type with a ‘hint’ field.
I have a csv file that I have verified works just fine with simple front and back. Now I have added a hint field to the csv file.
when I go to import that file, I can NOT figure out how to tell anki I want to use the new note type that I created that has the hint field.
I realize this is the most basic question a person can ask, but I have spent hours reading the documentation and playing around and watching youtube videos and everything just seems to skip this very basic concept…
Any help would be appreciated.

Here you can choose the notetype you’d like to use for your imported cards:

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Thank you for that unbelievably fast response. I feel so silly as the first field does say ‘type’ and it for some reason showed ‘sans serif blah blah blah’ so I just assumed it was for something else. Swear I clicked in every other possible place.
Anyway, now when I told it to ignore field 2 because I couldn’t find the right note type, it imported the csv file just fine.
But when I tell it to use the 2nd field as the hint field it fails to import anything

Importing complete.

⁨0⁩ notes added, ⁨0⁩ notes updated, ⁨64⁩ notes unchanged.

That new deck is showing 0 cards in it. Is it because I already accidentally imported that CSV into a different deck? This is nutty…

Yeah, that was it. I really think it is strange that if you import a csv file and it goes into the wrong deck, then you can not create a new deck and import that same csv file. I just deleted all my old decks and then it let me import. I am having a hard time understanding the concept of decks vs cards etc.

Take your time, and read the manual and FAQ. Learning how to use the program is worth the effort if you really are into learning anything :slight_smile:

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