How can I properly import a file with new cards?

Hello, I want to write a lot of new cards in a txt file and just import it to my deck. How can I do it properly?
I thought I just have to write for example:
wodaa; 1; 2; 3
nienienie; nienienie; 3; 4

And I thought that I would have 3 new cards, but finally I have 3 cards and they have only 2 field, not 4 like in the first line…
What can I do to fix it?

When you’re importing a .csv file you are creating notes primarily. Cards are then created from the notes depending on your customization. How is Anki supposed to know how you want those four fields arranged on the card unless you tell it?

Notes have a number of fields, that you can add content to, as you have been doing. If the note type only has 2 fields, then only the first two inputs from your file are used, the others are discarded (you may even have added a bunch of tags accidentally, but that’s besides the point).

To fix it, either:

  • create a new note type that has four fields
  • add two more fields to the note type you have been using

To learn about adding a note type or adding fields to an existing note type, consult the manual here.


Ok, thank ou forthe answear, but maybe you can also tell me how can I set which type of note anki will use when I import this file? I’m a blind user, so not everything in this program is an accessible for me.
And can I only inport thisfile only by desktop app? I didn’t find any type of notes on anki on android.

You can’t set which type of note should use when importing with file headers at the beginning of the file like

#notetype Basic

For more see: docs(dot)ankiweb(dot)net/importing(dot)html#file-headers (I cant post links yet)

Ok, thank you for help, now I just have a problem how to set which fields should b e in front of the card and which should be on the backside. Tell me only if I can set it also on ankidroid or only on anki app on windows?

You can do it in Tools > Manage Note Types > choose the Note Type you want to change then click Cards
A new window will come up which will have Template on the left Preview on the right.
You can show fields by putting the name of the field in double curly braces like {{Front}} or you can click the Add Field button in middle bottom which will add the field with some other styling like font family and size.
You can read more in the manual Field Replacements - Anki Manual .

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