Anki card types not showing in Browser

Today, I was trying to import a deck into Anki, but only Card 1 appears for each note.

Card 2 only appears for one note in the imported deck. However, changing the note type for that card makes it respond as the rest of the cards in the deck and Card 2 disappears. Adding the cards individually produces two card types in the deck, but importing only produces one card type.

The issue only seems to happen with one deck. The rest of my decks don’t appear to have any trouble.

The only difference between the deck with problems and my other decks is that I had to import with HTML enabled.

I’ve tried the following:

  • Turning off all add-ons
  • Restarting Anki and computer
  • Importing deck into a different profile
  • Checking Database
  • Changing the note type
  • Exporting the deck as plain text and re-importing.

Please let me know the note ID of a note you think is missing a second card, and I’ll look it up in your collection. You can find the ID in the ‘card info’ screen.

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