Importing decks - no cards show up

Dear all,

I’m finally stuck and I can’t figure out what the issue is. :frowning:
What I’m trying to do: Importing vocab list into Anki as a new deck.
What I’ve done so far: I’ve created a txt file (on Notepad), with Arabic/English vocabulary. This was copy/pasted from a Google sheet, and I made sure there are no empty rows. It’s in UTF-8.
When I click ‘import’ on the desktop app, it seems to import, but then no cards are entered in the new deck i created. I’ve tried to play around with the importing dialogue that comes up when I choose the file to import, but nothing helped. After importing, a notice pops up that cards are duplicated, but I dont think that’s the problem? Not sure.

I had a smaller list earlier, in the same format, that worked well to import. This one now doesnt. I have no idea what the problem might be.

many thanks! on the edge of giving up on Anki and switching back to print out cards…:confused:

Click Browse to open the card browser and see if you can find anything. Maybe the cards were imported to another deck?
If the import dialog warned you about duplicate cards, then you must have the cards already in your collection. Can you post a screenshot of that dialog? Also you can post the file you’re trying to import so we can test it.

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I’ve tried browsing but all I see are the cards in the Default deck.
Here are two screenshots what comes up when trying to import…perhaps that’s helpful.
It doesn’t let me upload the actual file here unfortunately. Any idea around it?
Many thanks!

The import screen indicates that you have the cards in your collection already. Look carefully in all of your decks.
The Appeared twice in file message is about duplicate words in your file.

You can use this site to upload the file:

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Abdo, you’re completely right, the remaining cards seemed to be buried in the Default deck! Most of them work now and show up correctly - I’ll see that I can tweak the rest of it as well. I think for now this should work… many thanks for your support!

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Ah? I have the same thing happening. I got a request to translate a deck into another language, so I thought I’d export it - rename the deck and import it again and then copy the text in the card, pass it through google translate and paste back the translation.
But indeed - even changing the name of the downloaded deck on my desktop drive and then importing it; anki doesn’t make the deck show up.
So how do you guys go about translating a deck e.g.?
Thy :slight_smile:

If the cards are plain text, you could save some time by exporting to text > Import to google sheets> quickly translate all the cards there with the =GoogleTranslate function.

Another option would be using the copy notes addon to duplicate and translate the notes manually.