Adding new words to a deck

I noticed strange thing when importing list of new words. I have 2 decks: german and spanish. What happens sometimes is that when I import a list to my spanish deck, Anki says about some words that the first field updated, doesn’t add this word to the spanish deck and instead adds to the german one. I can then find it in the german and move manually but find it a bit strange. There is probably some logic behind it but would be curious what could be the explanation.

Would you mind posting the exact message Anki gives you?

Well, it’s typical summary of import. I will copy it in next time when it happens but it really is a standard message:

Importación completa.
⁨24⁩ notas añadidas, ⁨1⁩ notas actualizadas, ⁨0⁩ notas inalteradas.

I presume you’re importing from a text file? Uniqueness checks are per-notetype, so if you’re using the same words on the first field in both languages, you’ll need to create a separate notetype for each of your languages, instead of using “basic” for both of them.


Hey dae, you are right. I import from csv file but works the same as text really. I seems that not only did this word got added to german deck but also replaced german word with this definition. It is a bit peculiar though as I import to deck spanish so not sure why it checks for anything in deck german. I will read about notetypes more and see how I can use it. Thank you!