New version of the desk - Notes skipped?

I’ve downloaded a deck to learn vocabulary. I switched the front and back side and made some little changes more. I did all that in my second account, where I try new things. After these changes in the notes I exported the desk as a new one.

As I tried to import the new variant of the deck in my main account there was a message:
“Notes skipped, as they are already in your collection”.

What should I do to make this changed deck new for Anki? Is it possible?
I need both variants of the deck in my Anki collection to learn the best way.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for asking something too obvious, but did you have delete the old deck in your main account before importing?

Assuming you have done that, if you’ve edited just the template(and not the content) of your cards, you can just export one card from your second account, import it on the main account, and then change the notetype of all cards of your deck.

Another option is to export your edited deck in text (not apkg) format and import it using this option:

No, I didn’t. And it was intentional.
I hoped, I can use 2 versions of one deck in the same account, thats why I wrote at the end of my message: “I need both variants … to learn the best way”.

Yes, I edited just the template (and not the content), as far as I understand.

Sorry, I missed that. Having two copies of the same deck is usually not a good idea, but if you’re sure you want that, exporting p to text and then import again should work.

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What “Export Format” do you mean?
Notes in Plain Text (.txt)? or Cards in Plain Text (.txt)?

And what is going to happen to images and audio files in this case? They won’t be exported with the edited deck but the edited deck can use them from the original deck, after the importing to the main account?

Both will work, if you’re not familiar with Anki terminology, please take a look here:

Yes, just make sure this option as active when exporting:

But first of all, I recommend:

  • Make a manual backup of your collection.

  • Experimenting the different options by exporting / importing a test deck.

I’ve saved the collection. Thanks for the idea, it was really important.

Yes, I read it.

By Export I’ve chosen these:
Export Format: Notes in Plain Text (*.txt)
Include: EEW Keyword => The Name of the deck I’ve changed.
I have also ticked: “Include Tags” + “Include HTML and media references”.

I’ve tried to import the deck but its not so easy.
I am in the second account where I only have the original deck “EEW”.
My deck has 2 note types. Does it mean that I have to import the deck at least 2 times, for both note types?

My original deck “EEW” has 2 note types:
EEW Basic [271 notes]
EEW Cloze [3600 notes]
EEW Cloze KEYWORD [0 notes].

The changed version of the deck “EEW Keyword” has these note types:
EEW Basic Clone E Keyword [271 notes]
EEW Cloze KEYWORD [3600 notes].

Import Options:
When I try to import the deck “EEW Keyword” I have the choice between note types “EEW Cloze” and “EEW Basic”, other are empty. Should I just take one of these?
What should I do here? Should I “Add” a new Deck name?

Importing 1 :
First I took Note Type “EEW Basic”.

New Deck Name given: EEW_En Keyword.
The rest of the things I did like on this screenshot:

The result of the Import: “3600 notes were added, 0 notes updated, 0 notes changed”.
By Note Type “EEW Basic” the import was not 270 notes as I expected but 3600 notes.
Does it mean that the notes were from another note type, the wrong “EEW Cloze”??

The fields are in a mess. At the place of Translation Field is IPA (Transcription) Field, at the place of IPA (Transcription) Field is Keyword Field etc.
On the back side you see the explanation of the keyword with signs of the code like {{ }}…

Well I’ve chosen “Fields separated by: Tab”, as on that screenshot. How can I check, by what sign the fields are separated in this deck??
Why came 3600 notes instead of 270 notes by Note Type “EEW Basic”??

Importing 2 :
Note Type EEW Cloze.
New Deck Name already given: EEW_En Keyword.
Again “3600 notes were added, 0 notes updated, 0 notes changed”. +
“Added duplicate with first field: 1
Added duplicate with first field: 2

Added duplicate with first field: 2400”.

In the imported deck there are 7200 cards/notes. It should be 3871.
The content of the fields are not like it should be, the same as by Importing 1. At the place of Translation Field is IPA (Transcription) Field etc.
The first side shows what it shouldn’t: a photo instead of a keyword. On the back side you see the explanation of the keyword with signs of the code like {{ }} >>
Ex.: A {{c1::stance}} is …

I don’t see any traces of the note type “EEW Basic”, of these 271 notes…

What did I do wrong?
Had I make my own Note types before Importing?