New Decks Wont Sync

I had downloaded a deck from a friend and all was well, but now it seems to be missing so I have tried to re-add it. When I do this, a prompt shows up saying that there are a bunch of cards skipped because I already have them… but I have looked many times on my desktop app, iPad and on the website and I can’t see the deck I want. I find my Anki has always kind of been glitchy… often I have lot of trouble downloading other peoples decks even though I think I’m doing the same thing as everyone else. Help me please and thank you!!!

anki recognizes notes by their note id not by the deck they’re in.
so if you had moved some of the cards in the previous deck to some other deck, anki will skip them regardless of their current deck as you already have them in you collection.

you can’t see the deck at all? even after re-importing it?
or you just couldn’t see the deck before you re-downloaded the deck? and after re-importing it you can see it again.

what do you mean by trouble? what happens when you import a pre-made deck?
do you get an error? does it not get imported? it doesn’t import some of the notes?

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I haven’t moved any cards to other decks. I may have similar questions I have made myself in other decks, but never the exact same and they are definitely formatted differently (different font, etc)

Correct-- I can’t see the deck at all even after importing it (I think it skips almost ALL of the cards… if not all of them)

It either doesn’t get imported, or it says that I already have the questions when I do not. It got a bit better when I started using my laptop to import rather than my iPad. But there have been a few times I have tried to import, doing the same thing every time and it will randomly work one time but not others. I hope that makes sense.

Thank you so much for responding. I am fully aware this could be user error but I just don’t know what I am doing wrong!!

if it skips some of the cards, it means you have them in some other deck.

have you checked the browser to see if you have those cards in some other deck?
if you don’t see the deck even after re-importing it, it most likely is because you have moved all of your cards to some other deck.

if you actually didn’t have those notes in your collection, you can give me the link to that deck so i could hopefully help you import them again.

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I just checked and they are somehow hidden in another deck, I must have done this accidentally!!! Thank you so much for your help!!!
Do you know if there is a way to move them out?

select all of them and, right click and then choose Change Deck..., choose your deck and press Move

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