How to duplicate a deck?

I would like to duplicate my deck so that I can have the exact same cards on each decks but with differents settings and that the change on the duplicate deck doesn’t impact the original one. Is there a functionality that allow that ?

Try notetypes, though you can’t change the field data independently. Just the way it is presented.

Although i dont recommend it you can duplicate it as follows:

  1. From Anki’s main window, hit File -> Export.
  2. Pick “Cards in Plain Text (*.txt)”, pick your deck, and export it.
  3. Now, go to File -> Import, select your exported deck. You’ll be asked to map fields to cards. Map the first field to the back of the card, and the second field to the first.

I would like to duplicate a deck with all its media, do you know whether that’s possible?

What I have done is export the deck as a “.apkg” and then change the name of the deck in Anki so import goes in separately. For instance, export the deck name “deck” into a .apkg. Then, change the deck name “deck” in Anki to “deck A.” After that, import the original “deck” (.apkg) into Anki and you will have “deck” and “deck A” separate. When you are done, change the settings to your preference.

I followed the above steps and the deck was not imported. Instead I got the following message:

Notes found in file: 144

Notes skipped, as they’re already in your collection: 144

It then listed the 144 identical notes.

Try changing your duplicate settings

Importing - Anki Manual (

You can’t duplicate cards from an apkg that way. It only works with text files.