Vorhandenes Desk unter anderem Namen speichern

für unterschiedliche Zielgruppen soll ein vorhandenes Desk mehrfach unter verschiedenen Namen gesichert, anschließend für individuelle Zwecke modifiziert werden.
Ich habe bislang keine Möglichkeit gefunden, wie ich ein vorhandenes Deck unter einem anderen Namen abspeichern kann.
Ich bin für jeden Hinweis dankbar; danke Peter

If you want to duplicate your cards to edit them, you can export them to a text file, then import the text file back in.

H, dea,
thanks for the tip.
Unfortunately, this does not seem to work for me.
Exporting as a text file under a different name is no problem, even with all media files.
old name: “parts of the body and organs”.
new name: “parts of the body and organs inclúyo media.text”.

But then I receive the following message:

456 notes were already in your collection.

Result: the new iported file does not appear in the list of deks!

I hope there is an other way to solve it, thanks Peter

There’s an option in the importing screen that controls how duplicates are handled.

Hello dae,
thanks for the hint:

I have also tried that. However, the import only works if I import the records into an existing desk.
I actually wanted to avoid that.
My idea:
a) export an existing deck “a” as a txt document including media file,
b) change the name of the exported document from “a” to “b”;
c) since an existing deck is to be modified up to 5 times, copy the file 4 times and change the name of the file to: “c”, “d”, “f” and so on;
d) import the file “b” into Anki and create a new deck with the name “b”.
Import the file “c” and so on.

I hope there is a way in Anki to import a file saved as “txt” into Anki and create a new deck at the same time.

Thanks Peter

What makes you think that? If you have allowed duplicates, importing should import the material again.