Importing a deck overwrites audio for previous decks

I’ve just noticed that a newer deck I’ve imported appears to have overwritten the sounds for an older deck. I didn’t create either deck, but I think I’ve worked out what the issue is, but not how to solve it.

The original deck is for learning English IPA. If I click edit on the problematic cards, I notice many of the sound files have names like “y.mp3”. The new deck is for learning how to say the German alphabet. All its file names are similar, e.g. “y.mp3”. Now when I review the English IPA deck, I get the German alphabet sounds for many of the letters.

I looked in the Anki media folder, and it appears to just store all media files in one big folder, so I can only find the audio files from the newer deck where the names clash. It seems importing the new deck just overwrote the old one’s sounds without warning.

If I’m creating my own decks in the future, I’ll try to give audio files names that are unique to the deck, but this doesn’t help for situations like this when importing third party decks.

How can I fix this, and what can I do in the future to avoid this when importing decks created by others?

AFAIK, Anki doesn’t overwrite media files like this, but gives conflicting files new names. Did you import the deck normally using File > Import?

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Thanks for the reply, that’s the behaviour I would have expected. I imported the deck by dragging it from the downloads folder to the Anki app (I’m on macOS). Is there any difference between the two ways of importing behind the scenes?

No, there should not be a difference.

Can you share the two decks and post a link here? You can use a site like

I’ve done a quick test with two decks and got the expected result.

Anki renamed the conflicting name in the new deck (test.mp3) to test-232342673e436b224a7dea8662641f2e8ff24d31.mp3

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If you haven’t done so, it’s worth testing with no add-ons: When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t appear to have ever synced AnkiMobile. Please make sure you’re not using a knock-off app with a similar name.

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