Duplicate cards in a other deck

Hey guys, i wanna lern some stuff for a new “project” and therefore i wanna use some old cards out of a other deck, but i dont wanna transfer them, because i wanna keep the the other origin deck complete . So i wanna just put some of the origin cards duplicated in a new deck. Do you know how i can do this. Thanks for help.

In the deck browser, you should be able to right click on the card you want to duplicate and choose “Create Copy”. You can keep or change the Note Type and pick another Deck in the window that pops up.

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You can also export to a text file and import again to duplicate cards. But please bear in mind that you’re creating extra work for yourself, as those cards will now show up twice as much as they would otherwise.

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But i need to copy every single card at once, I can´d copy 50 cards by once.

You can control-click (to add individual) or shift-click (to add multiple) cards at once on Windows. Not sure of the key combination on other platforms. Then right click and create copy on your selection. If you have the cards that you want to duplicate tagged, you can sort that way and select them all at once.

You can try Deck duplication - AnkiWeb - duplicate the deck, delete anything you don’t want in the copied deck.

Follow the instructions from @dae . Export all the fifty cards and then reimport them.
If they export with a different UID, then create a new UID for them.

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