Is there a way to have updated duplicate cards move to the new deck instead of the old one when importing?

When importing cards from a .csv file to a deck, you can turn on a setting that updates cards where the first field matches while keeping the cards’ progression intact.

As I’m studying something where the answers to certain questions periodically need to have things added to them, It’s great for what I’m trying to do that this feature exists and can edit the fields of a card in another deck without ruining its progress, but currently, when a card is updated that is in a different deck from the one I’m importing to, it stays in the old deck.

It would be extremely helpful for my use case if I could have these cards get updated with their new second field and also move to the new deck while keeping their progression (not creating a duplicate) instead of staying in the old one, so I figured I should ask just in case a setting or add-on exists somewhere – does anyone know of a way to do this without having to manually change each updated card’s deck each time I import new cards?

There is no such feature, but IIRC the updated notes will have their modification time changed, so you can sort by modification date to locate them in the browse screen.