Anki cards switching to different decks

Hi there,

Some of my Anki cards that I have created in one deck have been permanently moved to other, different and random decks. So when reviewing cards for example in Deck A, cards from deck B appear to be placed here.

I have tried manually and individually moving the incorrectly placed cards back to their original deck but the problem continues to occur for other cards.

Searching through the manual I checked the database and made sure my deck override option was off but the problem still persists.

NOTE; the cards that are moved from different decks aren’t duplicated into other decks they just move from their assigned deck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

You could always look at using a backup, depending on how recent the last backup was. (Switch Profile>...Backup would be the way to go)

Besides that. My guess is that the note-type of those moved cards persisted. Couldn’t you easily fix it by explicitly looking for cards of one note-type and moving those to a specific deck?

I don’t know your specific setup, this might not work if you use the same notetype for multiple decks.

hey alex,
Its been a while since my last backup and ive added alot since then .

it isnt just 1 notetype that seems to be changing betweeen decks. all the note-types whether basic, image occlusion move between decks (i also use lots of other note types in 1 deck)

Ah I see. If its not possible to go by note types or backups, my best reccomendation would be to use the search feature as intelligently as possible. Have those misallgined cards been added more recently than others? → use added:<n> or edited:<n> where n counts the back days.

I’m sorry if I’m not much more specific but it seems not like an easilt fixable issue.

the misaligned cards are completely random and even when i manually move them back to their original decks, more cards are misplaced :((

thankyou anyways for your help, i really appreciate it!


Open Deck A in the browser.

Can you see cards from Deck B (or any other deck) ?