Anki gets the cards in the wrong deck

No matter what I do, whenever I make new cards, they get categorized in one specific deck. I always initially choose another deck, but they keep ending up in one that I didnt choose (and its always the same). Has anyone had that problem before or can help me with solving it?

Yes, its so annoying. For me it happens only with IO cards that I make, It randomly chooses another deck or the default deck instead of the deck I chose for it to be as a destination,

What does IO cards mean? I have not changed anything it just stared to do that

Please see Cards are being placed in the "Default" deck - Frequently Asked Questions


@line_soph Hey, if you are using Image Occlusion and this only happens while creating Image Occlusion cards, this Add-on I developed might help you: Deck By Tag - AnkiWeb

You have to give this Add-on queries for each deck and then it derives the deck automatically for each created card. If you don’t want to use tags for each card, this is propably not the right solution for you.

IO means image occlusion, its an addon