Image occlusion file destination not accurate

Why does IO choose a “default” deck to put my cards in instead of the deck I intend them to go to? For the sake of explanation ill use “x” as the deck I want my cards to go to. In the first pic below, I change “default” to deck X. Should work, no? (after I make cards) But no, it doesn’t. Then I discovered another place I can change the decks in (in the second pic). Every time I open the tab in the second pic it shows me deck default instead of deck “X”. I still change whatever deck it is in that windows and it still goes to the “default” deck. What can I do here?

Hey, I might have developed a solution for you:

I would appreciate if you can give me some feedback.
The main idea of this add-on is to give (browser-)queries for each deck
so that each card detected by the query
is automatically moved to the specified deck.

Thank you for you time.Unfortunately my version of anki does not support this addon (2.1.40). I figured a solution would be better than adding add-on on top of my problem (even though it could 100% work). I just have no idea why this happened when it has never happened before (IO).