Image Occlusion Bug

x=Deck that I want , y=some random deck I used previously in IO to add cards, z=default deck (that anki creates, I dont have a default deck)

Every single time I create a card with IO, it chooses a different deck instead of x. I always have to go into “added today” and change the cards individually for them to be in the place I want them to be in. How do I solve this? On the screen that you add a cards, I prehand choose deck X. Then I paste the image and right click occlude/go into image icclusion button specifically on the top and occlude. I also double check the deck destination in “fields” thing inside IO and choose deck X (30% of the times I double check it does go into deck x). No matter what, as soon as finalize my occlusion, instead of going to deck x, the cards I just made go into deck y or z. Whats the solution? This started a while ago and not recently. What do you think of redownloading the addon, does that mess with the cards I have?