Problem with decks

In advance , i’m quite new to anki , so forgive me if the solution to the problem is too obvious
The thing is that , when i create some cards for a subdeck , the cards appear in all decks , even though i only want them to appear in the specific subdeck that i create them for .
So , after trying to fix it by myself , i’m asking for your advice.

Thanks in advance

Do you mean the cards appear when you select any subdeck to review by clicking on that specific deck (instead of clicking on their parent deck)? If so, this is certainly not normal. I would check if these cards are perhaps duplicated across all subdecks for some reason, maybe because of add-ons or something.

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Yep , and that happens not only when i click in another subdeck , but also when i click in the main deck.
Im trying to do some of the recommended procedures that anki suggests , but with no luck by now