Some cards from the subdeck being excluded from the parent deck

Recently, I have been having problems getting cards from one of my subdecks to appear in my parent deck when reviewing. I have all of my new card limits and review card limits set to 9999 for all decks. Currently I have 4 different subdecks that are working perfectly fine, but for some reason the most recent deck I created only allows me to see cards when I select it by itself. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

This is what my screen looks like. I currently have my buried cards setting turned off as well.

I don’t think that deck is using the same Options as the other decks, because that deck is definitely burying cards. You should check again to make sure that deck is assigned to the same (or a similar) Options preset as the others, and doesn’t have any deck-specific limits that are getting in the way.

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