Card limit not working with subdecks

Im trying to set a limit of 50 cards a day on my Year 1 deck but for some reason, it’s not working. I’ve set the main deck and the subdecks to the desired cards per day but on the main deck, it’s just showing learning cards and none due. Does anyone know how to fix this?


You have 0 new cards per day in the configuration according to your screenshot, don’t you? You should change that 0 to 50

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you need.

Also, notice that parent deck limits only apply when you select that parent deck, not when selecting the children, afaik.

Sub-day learning cards are not subject to the review limit themselves, but they are included when counting how many cards are waiting. Since you have more than 50 of them, no other cards can be shown.

There are no more new cards in this deck, I’ve gone through all of them. I just wanted a 50 card limit for that one deck if that makes sense?

Is there any way to set a limit on the cards then for that main deck? Like having a 50 limit from all of them to show each day

If you’re asking for an option to click on a subdeck and have it limited by its parents, such an option will be coming in the next update.

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