I Miss the subdeck limits (Scheduling Issues)

I made a deck with sub-decks to organize the topics I need to study, but now I think we have a solution become a problem using the Scheduler V3.

An Example:
Deck:: (30 New Cards)
Deck::sub-deck A (30 New Cards)
Deck::sub-deck B (20 New Cards)
I’d like study 30 new cards a day in all Deck, but if I study sub-deck A, the another sub-deck still having new cards.
That’s frustaring, because I just wanna study the review cards of sub-deck B, not anothers 20 news cards.
My limits about new cards I already have with sub-deck A, i dont have time to study more. I’d like, but I can’t.

The older scheduler version can do that, why not the V3?

I really love anki, this tool change my life, please change it.
I’m adhd

If you simply review the deck Deck, it should work as you want, doesn’t it?

Hi, but the best way to recognize cards is studiyng sub-deck by sub-deck.
The amount of new cards is decreasing and with that the total value of new cards of the entire deck should decrease and not allow me to study more new cards since the limit of my parent deck has been reached.

My limit is 30 new cards
My A sub-deck has 30 new cards
My sub-deck B has 20 new cards. If I study the new cards from my sub-deck A, I’m supposed to not be allowed to study the new cards from my sub-deck B, as my limit has been reached.

Studying sub-deck by sub-deck is more effective when it comes to recognizing the subject, and in the current way this is not respected and also the maximum amount of new cards

I studied my maximum amount of new cards per day, it’s a problem it still show me new cards, I just want to finish studying the ones I have to review

The Anki really changed my life and now there’s this.

As you can see from the deck list, parent limits only apply if you choose the parent deck to study. If you want to enforce a global limit on the number of cards per day, you’ll need to set that in the parent deck, and click on the parent deck instead of clicking on individual subdecks.