How can I make Anki pull cards from multiple decks simultaneously instead of in order?

For example, I have a deck with 3 subdecks as follows:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Phrasal verbs
  3. Exercises
    My new card limit is 15 cards per day. How can I configure Anki to display cards from all 3 decks during a study session (5 cards from each deck)? Are there any addons or changes to my deck organization that I can make to achieve this?
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Not exactly what I am looking for but I came across v3 scheduler in your link and I think it can solve this. Thanks anyway.

You can simply set a limit of 5 new cards a day to each subdeck.


Thank you. I hoped I tried this v3 scheduler from early on. This is exactly what Iā€™m looking.

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