Issue with daily limit

Hello. I am having an issue with Anki telling me “There are more new cards available, but the daily limit has been reached. You can increase the limit in the options, but please bear in mind that the more new cards you introduce, the higher your short-term review workload will become.”

My daily limit is set to 9999. not even close to that. I have saved to all subdecks. I currenly only have one deck though and its telling me I have one deck using a default preset. I have saved to all presets and looked through individual subdecks.

  • Do any of your subdecks have deck-specific limits (“this deck”)?
  • Do any of these decks have (1) New cards that are (2) not suspended, and (3) not buried? [If you need help crafting that search, see: Searching - Anki Manual – and then you can ask any questions you still have.]
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